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Re: cvs commit: src/contrib/gcc version.c

From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <asmodai@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 19:49:25 +0100

-On [20040108 19:42], Matthew Dillon (dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>   Oh, and I should add:  We *have* to define __FreeBSD__ as well as
>   __DragonFly__ at the moment, or ports will die a horrible death,
>   but we should be able to come up with a better solution to define
>   __FreeBSD__ outside the gcc framework so we don't pollute gcc with
>   that hack.

Big chance this is what's keeling our linking over.

Everything I am checking/verifying leads me to believe the linker thinks
it is not a native linker and thereby skips the OS paths.

I'm also looking at the 2.12.1 -> 2.14 upgrade path, which we cannot
just borrow from FreeBSD on all accounts.  It's going to be, erhm,

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