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HEADS UP: Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Driver Update

From: Hiten Pandya <hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 17:03:07 +0000


I have made a diff for updating the Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Driver on
DragonFly.  The changes are taken from FreeBSD RELENG_4 and HEAD CVS
branch.  So far so good, the changes are compiling and I have reviewed
it myself and don't see anything wrong.

If anyone on this list is using the Broadcom Gigabit driver, then please
give this update a try.  Most of the bugs which users of bge driver were
seeing should be resolved after applying this update patch.

ChangeLog has been attached with this mail.

Patch (big):

Commit timeout is one week due to size of the patch.

Thanks and regards,

-- Hiten Pandya (hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Update the Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet driver and the Broadcom
Gigabit PHY.  Revision numbers that appear below are taken from


Changes taken from FreeBSD RELENG_4:

	* ( distinguish PCS encoding error events
	  from actual link state change events.

	* ( support for the Broadcom 5705.
	  Please lookup the FreeBSD CVS Logs for if_bge.c
	  for more information about this change.  This
	  requires update of ``miidevs''.

	* ( properly set the mbuf space size for
	  the BCM5704 NICs to fix watchdog timeouts on Dell
	  1750 servers, and fix spurious 'gigabit link up'
	  messages due to not ignoring the 'MI_COMPLETE' bit
	  in the MAC status register.

	* ( BGE_HCC_TX_MAX_COAL_BDS_INT is at offset
	  0x3C24, not at 0x3C34.

	* ( and already merged by me in
	   previous commits to if_bge.c).

	* ( Dell 2650 no link led problem.  This
	  requires update to the PHY (brgphy.c).

	* ( was committed by me, which was fix to
	  typo in a comment).

Changes from FreeBSD HEAD:

	* Fix a typo when setting wirespeed in the Broadcom
	  PHY module (rev. 1.27 HEAD of brgphy.c).

	* Add PCI ID for yet another bge chip; the Altima 1002
	  (rev 1.62 HEAD of if_bge.c).

	* Update for if_xname (if_name -> if_dname).

All of the changes highlighted above are taken from FreeBSD
and the CVS ID tag $FreeBSD$ updated accordingly.

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