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Re: UFS2 or such problem

From: Brooks Davis <brooks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 16:12:23 -0800

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 03:53:03PM -0800, Pete Carah wrote:
> I made the mistake of trying to "upgrade" a FBSD 5.2 system to dragonfly
> and rather badly shot myself in the foot; neither dfly nor 4.x will mount
> the file system...
> I remember some vague planning a couple of months ago about trying to
> cope with this and wondered what can be done to recover short of reinstalling
> 5.2 from a CD?
> 4.9 as I remember had a fsck option that would undo at least some of what 
> 5.x did.  It looks like dfly doesn't.  Is there a mount option currently 
> present to handle this or do I just have to give up and go back to 5.2?
> As a side note, does anyone here know what is different with 5.2.1?  I can't
> find anything on the web site about this, either in the errata or RE pages.

There is no way to convert a UFS2 file system to UFS1[0].  If you need
your files you need to reinstalled FreeBSD 5.2 or get them off using a
live CD assuming DragonFly's fsck didn't eat them.  That depends on the
version of fsck is in DragonFly, when you installed FreeBSD, and what
was on the disk before the UFS2 file systems.

-- Brooks

[0] It's probably technicaly possiable to write such a converter, but
the pain involved would be extreme and I seriously doubt anyone would
try such a thing unless you threw truly massive piles of cash at them.

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