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Re: port vncrypt?

To: hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Hiten Pandya <hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 22:55:23 +0000

Hiten Pandya wrote:

Johannes Hofmann wrote:

would it be a good idea to try a port of security/vncrypt from FreeBSD to DFB, or is there some other possibility to create encrypted filesystems that
better suits DFB?
If you think vncrypt would be a nice thing to have, I would try to create an
override port.


I came up with this in about half an hour, I am not sure if it works since I have not tried loading it or doing any hanky panky but please, give it a go.. I am quite helpful it will work:


Feedback welcome,

I forgot to mention, that the userland utilities might make noise about include files and generate scarry warnings, just change <dev/vncrypt/vn_crypt.h> to "vn_crypt.h" in the necessary files, and copy or symlink the header files to that dir, as a temporary fix.

	Just tried to use the vncrypt device as per the
	instructions, and it works dandy.  By the way, use
	newfs /dev/vnc0c, since 5-CURRENT removed the
	concept of the 'c' node, otherwise you will get
	weird warnings when you just pass 'vnc0'.

	It works, I can mount, unmount, change passphrase
	do all the stuff.  When I get some time later tonight
	I will cleanup the patch and try to push the changes
	upstream to the author.


	Hiten Pandya
	hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx || hmp@xxxxxxxxxxx

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