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Re: displaying resident programs?

From: Steve Mynott <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 22:10:33 +0000

Hiten Pandya wrote:
Matthew Dillon wrote:

:I have been experimenting with making programs resident(8) and wondered :if there was any existing command to list currently resident programs?
:-- Steve

No, we need a utility and some additional syscall support to list them.

    As a followup, I have got syscall support added for this item,
    just give me next two/three days and I will finish it off since
    I need to finish up my documentation framework changes.

Cool I look forward to testing it!

Actually another tool that would be *most* useful :-) is something along the lines of NetBSD's pmap(1) or Darwin's vmmap, which is AFAIK absent in FreeBSD/DragonFly to basically display the virtual memory map of a process.



I assume that both pmap(1) (which uses UVM and appears under another name in OpenBSD) and vmmap (which uses Mach and doesn't anyway appear to be open source) would be too system specific to be directly ported??

-- Steve

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