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Re: DragonflyBSD on Pegasos PPC boards ?

From: James Frazer <jfrazer@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 17:10:38 -0600

Here are some links to what the OpenBSD developers have to say:


Unless someone was really interested in it, I can't imagine it being worth their time to deal with companies like this.

If Dale Rhan (although I don't know him) had this much trouble I can't imagine anyone else is going to want to waste their time.

But I don't know the full story.


Diana Eichert wrote:
Sorry, but I couldn't find any other list to post this question to.

Today there was a reference by the principle investor in Genesi to
Matt Dillon/DragonflyBSD in a discussion thread on the Pegasos BBS related
to DragonflyBSD getting ported to the Pegasos@ platform.


If this does happen I'm very interested in it as I had considered using
the Pegasos in a small cluster but support for the onboard 1Gb NIC never
materialized in OpenBSD.


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