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sysfs -> /sbin/hotplug -> udev

From: esmith <esmith@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 02:41:24 -0400

A quick FYI for anyone who is interested

sysfs -> /sbin/hotplug -> udev

Behind udev is an interesting idea called sysfs ( formerly known as "driverfs" ). Sysfs keeps track of devices coming and going, and, when needed, calls /sbin/hotplug which then notifies udev to handle the creation and removal of /dev entries. This allows the kernel and userland to each handle their own issues.

A short explanation of sysfs, possibly with errors

Sysfs was originally called driverfs because the intent was to provide information to userland about device drivers for the purpose of debugging them. However, it grew into the idea of using the same scheme for a separate vmfs, modfs, and fsfs. These merged into the one sysfs Linux has now, and is presently in the process of consuming devfs.

Sysfs, in the Linux world, removes extraneous information from their procfs. This generates some confusion because, at first glance, some people make the mistake of thinking that sysfs replaces procfs, which it does not. Sysfs and procfs are complimentary, so each provides unique information to userland.

This results in Linux having a single location for information about kernel objects/attributes and other effects, such as allowing for the unification of boot parameters.

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