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Re: Device layering work patch #2

From: * <lvpoker@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 03:58:55 -0700

In article <200405162207.i4GM7fSI045117@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, 
dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
>     Here is the next rev of the device layering patch.
>     ....  I would appreciate testing so I can
>     be confident that I'm not going to blow up the system when I commit
>     this stage, but nobody should install this patch on a production
>     machine.  

I never understood this catch 22.

How best to test new ideas and concepts in OS development than on some 
'production' type machines that some might be willing to sacrifice? 
Production type testing blows away manual testing of what you can on 
spare machine.

What is better, testing dragonfly (or ANY OSS OS) on a brute force, 
full fledged server handling REAL work, or just trying to duplicate 
loads on fake setups?

Scott N

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