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Re: apt-get

From: David Cuthbert <dacut@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 00:57:38 -0400

Bill Huey (hui) wrote:
1) Nobody sane is running those older KDE/GNOME packages anyways. You
generally are running one version or the other. I have yet to see anybody
fully exploit the problems regarding multipule version of a package and
name collisions.

In a testing environment, this is far from true.

Speaking in a *very* general manner, we're on RedHat 7.2 at work; the developers their desktops on the latest stable-ish version of KDE/Gnome that I compile and install onto NFS (mainly because the versions that ship with RH 7.2, well, suck).

We also keep various builds of Qt, GTK+, KDE, and Gnome lying around for version testing. Actual production builds are performed against the RH 7.2 libraries (because the delivered apps must run on 7.2, bugs and all).

This is hardly sane and, yeah, building/maintaining all this stuff bites. But it gets the job done. <sigh>

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