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Re: [ANNOUNCE] DragonFly BSD Installer RC1

From: Ivan Voras <ivoras@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 19:59:46 +0200

Chris Pressey wrote:
Thanks, everyone, for the reports!  The installer has now reached RC1
(plus a few bugfixes) and many of the issues mentioned have been
addressed.  As before, an ISO image can be downloaded from:

An example configuration file can be found here:


Ok, this is nice to have.

This is actually a problem with fdisk. To see the problem, pick a disk

This is bad, but as you say, it'll probably go away.

About the (curses) installer:
- Where did the keyboard/font selection dialogs go? (though they're not strictly necessary in many cases, it would be nice to have them at least in the post-install configure step)
- Navigation through the options is imo greatly improved. (I thik there are still UI issues, but this can wait after the 1.0)
- It's very nice to have the consoles available! But: when I tried to login on a console with a login prompt on it, it seemd to want to start the installer again. Goin back to the original installer console and doing some operations (this was after the "base install" phase) seemed to crash the installer backend (signal 11), with the front-end still running (and stuck because it couldn't to anything)
- The partition editor still allowed me to create a 1MB /tmp :)
- It still doesn't show used/free space information (if at all possible, this would be good to have in 1.0, but not extremely necessary)

This is the first time I tried the 'web installer', and WOW! I'm VERY impressed by its existence and working! I award you 10 out of 10 geek points :)

Now, this is a nice major feature, as it could enable users to do a completely headless install, via nothing more than a web browser. The only thing that has to be carefully brainstormed is how to do the initial network setup/ifconfig before users can point their browsers to the installer. Here are my thoughts on it:

- to have an application/part of setup that aims to make an educated guess about what to do. For example:
- if there is no keyboard present (careful: USB devices!), or no video (vga) adapter, and no signal/handshake from serial port, it's certainly a headless install; go to network phase
- even if the above devices are present, it still could be a headless setup. Maybe do something like this: if there's a keyboard present, beep three times, and wait for the user to press "F5" or something if he wishes to do headless setup (and go to network phase), or after 5 seconds or so, start the curses installer

the network phase:
- one way to do it is to try DHCP and see if the computer gets an IP adress, but! how to communicate that address to the user doing the install?
- maybe to have a predefined address (like, and users that do a lot of headless installs will have a dedicated nework or NIC for this purpose
- or, if the keyboard is present, to signal the user (via the beeps) to enter an ip adress and mask blindly?
- or, a hierarhical fallback on all three?

Resolving this could certainly be a nice feather in the cap for DFly...

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