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Re: Centrino laptops

From: Tim Wickberg <me@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 03:02:19 -0400

Michel Talon wrote:
Just to remember that, besides "project evil" there exists a native
BSD driver for the wifi chip in Centrino laptops, under BSD licence,
which can be found here:
By the way the same author has a native driver for some USB DSL modems
which can be of interest at least for european users:
I have personnally used this driver under FreeBSD-5, it works OK.

The ipw driver relies on the net80211 framework from FreeBSD-5, which has not been committed... so this doesn't work yet. I believe it's on Joerg's list. He's got patches to bring it in at ftp://dragonflybsd.dyndns.org/patches/unapplied/.

(I haven't gotten around to patching mine yet though, but he say's it's working, asides from BPF support (and thus DHCP).)

(Also, it's nice to see someone else with a T40... if you find a way around the suspend crash please let me know :)

-- Tim Wickberg

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