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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2004-07
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Re: Installer RC2 w/ DragonFly RC2

From: James Frazer <jfrazer@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 14:06:49 -0500

Maybe 'device atapicam' is compiled into the kernel?

I have 2 devices show up on my FreeBSD boxes which have that in the kernel (but only one drive) -- because they are burners (and I recall having to add that to make the burner work).

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, just a guess.


Ivan Voras wrote:
I've just noticed something. There was a report here previously about a hangup during the "Waiting for SCSI devices to settle" when using dfly in a vmware machine, even though the person reporting said there were no scsi devices present.

See this: http://ivoras.sharanet.org/dfly_problem.png

There is (only one) IDE CDROM device emulated, but the report is strange: two devices are listed: acd0 and cd0 and the system seems to be confused if it is SCSI or IDE?

(This is from RC2+installer boot)

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