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Re: wine running?

From: "Yury Tarasievich" <grog@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 17:24:58 +0300

The problem is two-part, then. The mmap issue showed itself in wine dated post-20040505(?) but something wrong with threads was occuring in freebsd-4 as far as at the end of 2003 (apps half-starting, then showing just a lots of poll() activity ).

And thanks for such a full reference!

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 09:09:55 -0500, Jonathan Fosburgh <syjef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Tuesday 13 July 2004 08:18, Yury Tarasievich wrote:
Is there any possibility of getting wine running?

Current wine-on-df build can't do "mmap of entire memory space" in
ntdll.dll.so, which is what not-so-current-(but post-20040615)-wine does
on freebsd-4, I believe. Ktrace shows lots of failed attempts to do mmap
with first arg incrementing up to 0xffff...something

Check the archives of wine-devel. There was a rather lengthy discussion of
this problem and what may be required to fix it. Perhaps the DFly team would
be amenable to the changes. :)

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