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Re: Some questions on updating.

From: Sarunas Vancevicius <vsarunas@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 15:36:19 +0000

On 22:23, Sat 07 Aug 04, K. G. Suarez wrote:
> What can I use for mail and news that does not need X? My Email is POP3 
> and I have no idea how to get any of the CLI mail/news programs working. 
> I am sorry to be such a pest, but please help me!

Thumbs up for mutt and slrn.

It will take some time for you configure them to the way you
want them, but basic config will not take you long (all you
have to do just google for mutrc or slrnrc, get them change
few things and thats it). To fetch your mail you might want
to use something like fetchmail or getmail.

As for sending mail, you can use something like esmtp(can be
found in ports in /usr/ports/mail/esmtp/), takes only few
minutes to configure.

If you woun't like mutt or slrn, you can try pine or tin
which are easier to use.

Sarunas Vancevicius

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