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Re: Booting problem

From: "Rakhesh Sasidharan" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 21:33:33 +0400

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004 14:07:08 +0200, "Joerg Sonnenberger"
<joerg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> > Then I rebooted, and told GRUB to chainload this partition. But I get
> > the following error: 
> > 2:ad(2,a)<somesymbol><another symbol>:
> Have you tried loading /boot/loader directly from GRUB? It should save
> you
> all the hassle.

I tried that just now. At the GRUB prompt, I gave:
chainloader /boot/loader

But GRUB gave me an error abt the file format being unsupported. 

But your suggestion gave me an idea though. That I can try loading the
kernel from GRUB. And so I then tried:
kernel /kernel

That worked! But I got a warning message that "loader(8) metadata is
missing" and while booting I was thrown at a "mountroot>" prompt. I am
guessing I should have specified the root filesystem etc somewhere, and
so the boot process got halted coz it didn't know what filesystem etc to
load (the metadata that's missing). 

Any suggestions? One thing I can do is to check out the man pages and
figure out what arguments I have to give. An alternative I am looking
forward to is use /boot/loader itself (since that's the preferred way of
doing things, right?).


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