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Re: a nice ``walk'' through the kernel source files of a minimal kernel

From: "Bruce R. Montague" <brucem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 15:28:50 -0800 (PST)

Hi, Dragonfly kernel list.

Sascha Wildner pinged me regarding a "walk through
FreeBSD 4.3 kernel internals" web-page at a url
recently posted to this list... First time in lo
these many years since I put that fbsd 4.3 page   
up that I'd actually checked the page content more
than just a banner check (I wonder if I should
admit that)....  and sure enough, it seemed to be
missing some important stuff (it was an old version).
I poked around and found a more up-to-date version; 
I've now posted it using the same url:

This version has some "nice" "ascii art" in the
introduction at the top of the page regarding some
of the core kernel data structures, I think these
diagams were one of the more useful things in the 
page (and they aren't in the old page). I'd be
interested in knowing if anyone has any comments, 
advice, updates or other errata on these drawings...

Apologies for the mix up (there was a lost disk
years ago that was somehow involved in this).  And
somewhere there was doc on the fbsd kernel object
system that isn't in the current page; but maybe
that's changed a lot in Dragonfly by now?
 - bruce

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