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Re: setjmp/lonjmp

From: Cameron Murdoch <cameron@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 22:43:17 +0000

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Eric Masson wrote:
> - AltQ is used by Free/Net/Open/DFly
> - PF is used by Free/Net/Open/DFly and KAME project uses it as a packet
>   classifier for AltQ and ipsec engine. 
> - Integrated PF/AltQ has a *really* clear and concise setup file.
> - *Useful* docs are available easily.
> - PF is the only packet filter that has been locked easily for smpng in
>   FreeBSD-5 and later, thanks to a clean codebase. So it should be easy
>   for DFly developpers to achieve the same goal.
> - Many developpers are working on it and are quite responsive to bug
>   reports or feature requests.
> Check these assertions for ipfw/ipfilter. Enough ?
> Éric Masson

The thing that people often forget about ipfilter is that it is one of 
the only cross platform firewalls around. It runs on all the BSDs + 
Solaris, Linux (I think now), + most other unixs. This is important to 
some people. It is just a shame that development is slow; it does still 
happen but is just very slow.

Note that the pf rule syntax is also quite similar to ipfilter but IMHO 
much improved. I am in the progress of moving my ipfilter firewall to pf 
but only because I want ALTQ.



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