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Re: rc and smf

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 03:46:40 +0800

Dan Melomedman wrote:

You don't see the point. It takes a long time to fix the fault. BSD has
nothing to do with this. The real world does. You don't want a nuclear
reactor to explode because it took an admin five minutes to notice the
fault, and restart the service.

It could be considered rash to presume to lecture the former Deputy Battle Staff Commander, New York NORAD Air Defense Sector, on managing nukes safely. I never lost a one.

Stop there, or go and google the warshot yields of GENIE, Nike-Hercules (improved) and BOMARC.

Another example: a telecom can't afford to lose service in some of the systems even for mere seconds. They lose thousands of dollars.

And note that after military service, the same individual pursued a telecoms IS/IT career from Northrop-Page (1968) thru Cable & Wireless (until 1994) - and still does - Conducive Group (Asia) Limited (1994 to date).

This is
exactly why Erlang, the language originally designed with telecom
requirements in mind has supervision in its feature set! When you make a
call in the UK, it runs through an Ericsson switch running Erlang that
supervises its processes, and restarts them if they fail.

Horsepuckey. Tell it to the Royal Marines.

I was responsible for the V.36 (not V.35) routing and billing interface software to an AXE-10 International gateway switch in London that was odd-man-out in UK's largely 'anything-BUT Ericcson' environment. GSM, some, fixed-line and international, NOT.

A Senior Ericsson exec once apologized 'on behalf of all hundred thousand Ericsson employees' for that particularly unfortunate POS.

Erlang is largely concept, and near-as-dammit uniquely Ericsson.

What are you doing now? Googling for off-the-wall trivia to throw out here so as to delay developers?

supervision may be new to some people on this list, but it isn't anything
new or detrimental.

Google AN/FSQ-7 and AN/GSA-51 and their fallback modes while you are thinking 'new to...'

Doubt you were born yet.

When you find yourself at the bottom of a hole, good advice is 'stop digging'.


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