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Re: Support for nForce4 AC'97

From: Oliver Fromme <check+izepxh00rsbwksar@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 17 May 2006 11:24:19 GMT

Alexander Leidinger <Alexander+News@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > Some HDA chips are connected in "compatibility mode", some are
 > connected in HDA mode. So for some chips it works to add the ID, and
 > for some chips it just doesn't work, since the hardware (as in "traces
 > on the board") can't be configured to do both.
 > An interested soul may want to have a look at the much improved
 > soundsystem in FreeBSD-current. I'm sure a lot of bugfixes and
 > can be copied verbatim.

Yup, but there's no HDA support yet in FreeBSD either.

I've seen that 4front (www.opensound.com) supports various
HDA sound chips, including the intel ICH* and the nForce.
However, they're only supporting FreeBSD, and I guess
DragonFly has diverged too much from FreeBSD to be able
to use a binary kernel module for sound.

Maybe someone (Matt?) should try to talk to the 4front
guys and ask for DragonFly support.  Or maybe we (i.e.
the users) should ask.

Of course, native open-source drivers are be preferable,
but a working binary module would be better than nothing.
(Especially since their OSS drivers are now free for
personal use.  I'm using one of their drivers on a FreeBSD
machine of mine, and I'm quite satisfied.)

Best regards

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