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Re: DragonFly 1.4. on Asus A8N SLI Premium

From: "Thomas E. Spanjaard" <tgen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2006 12:45:00 +0000

Willy Jacobs wrote:
ad10: DMA limited to UDMA33, non ATA66 cable or device

This is not a problem. The SATA channel still runs at 150 or 300 MBps, it's just that the driver has no logical notion of SATA yet (but it's supported).

acd0: MODE_SENSE_BIG command timeout resetting
acd0: failure to execute ATAPI packet command.
At then the mounting of the root (cd9660:/dev/acd0a) failed.

Never saw these on the A8N-SLI I tried DragonFly 1.3.5 on.

Should DragonFly run on this motherboard (Nforce 4 based)?

It should, I was able to run 1.3.5 on the A8N SLI, a very similar board.

        Thomas E. Spanjaard

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