DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2008-04
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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2008-04
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Re: Working with files on HAMMER fs

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 10:02:52 -0700 (PDT)

:Does not work.  Extracting fails:
:# tar xfz /root/ports.tar.gz
:ports/Mk/bsd.commands.mk: Can't create 'ports/Mk/bsd.commands.mk'
:ports/Mk/bsd.destdir.mk: Can't create 'ports/Mk/bsd.destdir.mk'
:ports/Mk/bsd.perl.mk: Can't create 'ports/Mk/bsd.perl.mk'
:tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
:	Matthias

    Hmm.  So far I can't reproduce it, untaring a tar of FreeBSD ports
    works.  I will continue to try.  To try to reproduce you environment:

    * How large (exactly) is the HAMMER filesystem.
    * How much ram does the machine have.
    * Real machine or virtual machine?
    * Make sure your /usr/src/sbin/hammer and /usr/src/sbin/newfs_hammer
      are up to date too.  If newfs_hammer is out of date it could be
      messing up the format.

    Also, please md5 your hammer sources, make sure you have the latest:

    * cd /usr/src/sys/vfs/hammer
    * md5 *.c *.h

MD5 (hammer_blockmap.c) = 5b57dec33ebdd794b40a91321fbc6525
MD5 (hammer_btree.c) = d47d3c8f8d86f55d389e7c34e7c6f846
MD5 (hammer_cursor.c) = 0637611d012627d644c2228843cd77e5
MD5 (hammer_freemap.c) = 50a4f4614a2dee9cc13145ca7e420e32
MD5 (hammer_inode.c) = 42d2ab8de4bbeaeb9c31853650d6061f
MD5 (hammer_io.c) = d21cf7a0852a2be26045b126222512ed
MD5 (hammer_ioctl.c) = da016b5694a06fdc6b9683346b08262d
MD5 (hammer_object.c) = b2d9ea9c6502e870e9eeef18c53b096a
MD5 (hammer_ondisk.c) = 25aa5f6f7716f4c3f8a47e54b11c150f
MD5 (hammer_reblock.c) = ff594d12f6a25930777899b76ccd5e61
MD5 (hammer_recover.c) = 71a9d017e8dc9a7267be99d6cac6e5d5
MD5 (hammer_signal.c) = ee5dd1c310b71745b8afaba31862d29b
MD5 (hammer_subs.c) = 00ce3c5bdea04e02cfbbe98dc9efff53
MD5 (hammer_transaction.c) = 8c4e5ea86bd2fc9799dc8de2e1185ddf
MD5 (hammer_undo.c) = 8a2d7f81956708f39e6c1966d0bafbff
MD5 (hammer_vfsops.c) = c5c4b32117290fc9abaab5e9540ec546
MD5 (hammer_vnops.c) = b2072cb5a73f0f9f8b0c5634a08954d6
MD5 (hammer.h) = 65ce292a6f3261afce719cc9de5371dc
MD5 (hammer_btree.h) = cbd9c770916a7131af90da9a5df6f175
MD5 (hammer_cursor.h) = 1b86dadc18c9b7e59d7c96b323d68507
MD5 (hammer_disk.h) = 7e1f0cf2dcf60799edaaa8bea3f68859
MD5 (hammer_ioctl.h) = f3cf0d8df814b52ee05e95fc72f3e72a
MD5 (hammer_mount.h) = cd73911b3728feb3a2b66a7aca2af107

    * cd /usr/src/sbin
    * md5 *hammer*/{*.c,*.h}

MD5 (hammer/blockmap.c) = b059ce10eec5f2a61dcd0dbc2a4eb534
MD5 (hammer/cache.c) = b6de0f175a43f779820fa21061916f5c
MD5 (hammer/cmd_blockmap.c) = e3cc344f408daeea693411c5682c0f86
MD5 (hammer/cmd_history.c) = a788ab087e7c4dca5e309186b9c3677c
MD5 (hammer/cmd_prune.c) = 2918b94524e3f6c9ea9d5b1ff822e918
MD5 (hammer/cmd_reblock.c) = e755fed58dab428cc32d718f4200fec1
MD5 (hammer/cmd_show.c) = 8366c0794cfd5561f9c16cd15b4ab6dc
MD5 (hammer/hammer.c) = 3381990a5162b9d4e6c28f1849b63bfd
MD5 (hammer/misc.c) = 6fe79879feebd17e383df29d00f2a452
MD5 (hammer/ondisk.c) = 79cb47c85a0af966e804ded79f82efae
MD5 (mount_hammer/mount_hammer.c) = 41e07e90faf6298bb99a9e01426e30e3
MD5 (newfs_hammer/newfs_hammer.c) = 628f667e5e23dee5a71b1258da4d980e
MD5 (hammer/hammer.h) = 0c3f9ba2f56e4f211d7d33ea9996589d
MD5 (hammer/hammer_util.h) = 8efc2522ab6e766137e367e9ce11bf4a
MD5 (newfs_hammer/newfs_hammer.h) = 12da301b6cf93805f60ca61119e33be1

					Matthew Dillon 

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