DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2009-03
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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2009-03
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Re: DragonFly boot2 - moved out of commits thread

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 00:23:06 +0800

Oliver Fromme wrote:
Bill Hacker wrote:
> - 16K is enough space to hold a 'next-stage' bootloader with menus, and > a bit of graphics (Gag is a good look-and-feel example, BSD splash > screens less so..).

You might be interested to have a look at this:


I think DragonFly should be able to port it over without
difficulty.  Last time I looked, DF's boot loader was
still pretty much the same as FreeBSD's.

Best regards

Good start.

And 'compliments' on not going off and coding it in flavor-of-the month language....

(though it is a travesty what FICL'ization has done to the sheer elegance of 'real' Forth... but that wasn't your doing...)

As soon as I get a logo into place that doesn't remind me of a chancroid disease, (not your choice, either ... I hope..)

I'll go see if I can find my NASM code mods that recognize several 'other' OS for the prior stage....

What is, IMNSHO, missing, is the ability to say 'Oh s**t, wrong device' and select a menu choice that allows 'REWIND', w/o going through the whole underlying machine BIOS POST and device scan .... and missing it again as you answer the phone ...

Hardware RAID controllers with massive arrays would rather one refrained from all that 'coz their little state-machine minds are already up and getting into their uniforms.

A start might be to actually display the device one is sitting on, AND all others detected during the prior stage - hopefully with more spy-work as to what they might hold than the initial boot loader has space for... IOW - a rescan is in order... then a sub-menu 'Select another boot device' or some such that is more friendly than dropping out to the 'mount' prompt.

The one with the examples that do not ordinarily work as shown...

So sayeth he who is constantly moving devices about and having to use one OS to mount and edit the /etc/fstab (Grub, Lilo...) of some other OS.

On which score

- 'wishlist':

If the boot chainloader knows where to find its next stage(s) and ultimately the kernal (as it will do to boot-single to tell you it cannot find.....)

. .. then why cannot /etc/fstab fall-back to, in effect 'mount relative' . ... (from wherever-the-hell we are now..).


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