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Re: TCP‐MD5 (rfc2385) implementation in DragonFlyBSD

From: David BÉRARD <david@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 22:45:13 +0200


I have imported FreeBSD commits r125680 and r125681 into the DragonFlyBSD code,
it's works well with IPv4 BGP session.

Please read the attached patch and tell me if anything was wrong or if I'm not
on the right way.
This is my first kernel hack, so I will appreciate any comment.

Unlike FreeBSD it use IPSEC not FAST_IPSEC, and at the moment it not IPv6 ready,
I'm waiting your comments to continue with FreeBSD commit r183001.

I had a lot of compilation errors building a unmodified kernel with the FAST_IPSEC 
option, is the FAST_IPSEC option supported in DragonFlyBSD ?

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