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Re: About network drivers and dragonfly logo

From: "Justin C. Sherrill" <justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 22:17:00 -0400

On Fri, October 15, 2010 12:32 pm, Pratyush Kshirsagar wrote:

> I tried installing DragonFly as a sole system on two laptops.
> One has atheros (wifi) and broadcom (wired) devices while the other
> laptop has the broadcom (wifi) and marvell-yukon (wired) devices.
> First of all the devices are not shown if we do ifconfig. Secondly for
> discovery and to load library we tried making changes to the
> loader.conf and rc.conf.
> But, our tries did not yield us the result. So, better if you guys
> have tried something similar.

Did you load the ath(4) driver?


I don't know which atheros chipset you have, but that's my best guess.

> Second -
> I am just writing some pages related to the project I did and
> Dragonfly. Some How-To , etc stuff.
> So, can I use the info to describe proportional RSS and can I use
> dragonfly logo (a small one).
> I know its very privileged but I need the permission.
> Also, we are reading about virtio, if you get more info do append it
> in the followup.

You can certainly use the logo.  If this is for a published paper, and it
ends up online, mention it on the lists.  I'm sure people would be
interested, and we could link it with the other papers on the DragonFly

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