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Re: More Howtos in site

From: Pratyush Kshirsagar <pratyush.kshirsagar@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 07:31:31 +0000 (UTC)

Siju George <sgeorge.ml <at> gmail.com> writes:

> On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 11:42 PM, Pratyush Kshirsagar
> <pratyush.kshirsagar <at> gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello flyers,
> > I will be adding some more How To's for Dragonfly in my site, below is
> > a little description.
> > I will be awaiting for your suggestions.
> >
> The new handbook has a page
> http://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/newhandbook/othersoftware/
> I think it will be great if you can put a link there. Just to
> centralize the stuff?
> thanks 
> --Siju
I would have directly added a page to the dragonfly site in othersoftware 
section but I am more convergent with creating pages on google sites. I will 
look forward to add directly to dragonfly site in future.

Following is the link for ftp server on dragonfly, will be refining a bit.
Comments are accepted as always.


Hope this works :)

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