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GSoC '11 [Samba VFS Plugin] -Mentor Needed

From: Sitesh Shrivastava <siteshshrivastava@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 11:56:29 +0530

Hello Everyone!
I am a Junior Undergraduate at BIT Mesra, one of the premier institutes in the field of Engineering and Sciences in India, pursuing Computer Science & Engineering.

I am looking forward for a challenging project as a part of GSOC '11 under DragonFlyBSD during summers. I am interested in the idea mentioned on the GSoC page "Create a Samba VFS plugin to expose Hammer history".

I am looking forward towards DragonFlyBSD Community so that I can find someone who is willing to mentor this project. I would like to discuss more about the details of the above project so that I can contribute to the Developer as well as OSS Community. I would like to mention that I have strong foundations in algorithm intensive programming and have advanced foundations in C/C++ too. Also, I am well versed in working of Linux (various flavours) based OS. I am fully aware of the responsibilities and requirements for this position. To consolidate my knowledge in the fields of interest, I have acquired conceptual knowledge in the fields of algorithms and linux & have done basic projects in these fields too.

As a regular linux user, I am really interested in contributing to the developement and enhancement of the same.

If any further information is required, I would be glad to furnish the same.

Sitesh Shrivastava
Junior Undergraduate, BIT Mesra
Phone: +91-9470521313
E-Mail: siteshshrivastava@gmail.com
Home-Page: https://sites.google.com/site/siteshshrivastava

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