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Re: usbdevs

From: "Sascha Wildner" <saw@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 10:16:41 +0200

On Tue, 17 May 2011 09:59:00 +0200, Chris Turner <c.turner@199technologies.com> wrote:

Hello all -

I've mostly ported over the 'u3g(4)' modem driver from FreeBSD (enough to send this email woohoo) -
however, currently I have only hacked in the USB device ID for my particular gizmo* - reviewing this
driver and other misc. usb stuff it does look like FreeBSD has sprouted a 'usbdevs' infrastructure
a-la 'pcidevs' which we don't have -

As I'll either need to un-usbdevs the various device ID's, or add such an infrastructure to add
the remaining devices to the u3g driver, wondering what peoples takes are about adding this setup
so that various usb gizmos can be moved over to it in the future - seems like a good idea to me.

After that - time to upgrade my plan to unlimited data :D

Thoughts welcome


- Chris


HUAWEI Mobile(0x1414), HUAWEI Technology(0x12d1), rev 0.00 - marketed in the US as the 'T-Mobile WebConnect'
in case anyone is wondering


we've been un-usbdev'd since 3 1/2 years, see 99210bc.

Use the USB_DEVICE() macro in the driver (see other USB drivers).



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