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GSOC : a filesystem indexer

From: Joris GIOVANNANGELI <joris.giovannangeli@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 03:25:19 +0200


Let me introduce myself : I'm a French student at the ENS in Paris, I 
use Linux everyday for two free years, and dragonfly (due to lack of 
intel sandy bridge video drivers) in a vm on my laptop. I first look at 
the code of dragonfly because of Hammer, and loved it. That's why I now 
want to get involve. If I was accepted at gsoc, I would do it as part as 
an internship for my degree.

I want to work on the filesystem indexer

* Implement inotify interface - 5 weeks.
Make full use of the dragonfly plateform. I will have to decide whether 
i  copy the linux architecture in order to make it easy to port things 
like fanotify or if i focus on implementing inotify itself.

* create a simple library and a service to handle indexing - 1 month.
Use an unified database format. I can write a basic noSQL database or 
use something existing. I will have to compare both solutions. We should 
be able to attach metadatas to files in order to allow complex queries. 
We could provide user defined properties. At this point, we could 
consider tracker or similar projects, which does a similar job via its 
miner-fs, or coding our own thing.

* adapt existing tools to make use of this index - 1 month.
Locate, whish, whereis could gain a lot of advanced search features. 
Maybe y might write another tool to make advanced search or add it to 
locate or find.

Do you have any suggestion ?


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