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PUFFS and NetBSD API compatibility

From: Joris GIOVANNANGELI <joris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 12:06:44 +0200


i'm trying to make fuse working with libpuffs. The current port has not 
the same API than the netBSD libpuffs for the puffs_ops.

For instance, libpuffs has this prototype in netBSD

int fsname##_fs_sync(struct puffs_usermount *, int,             \
             const struct puffs_cred *cred);

and this one in dragonFly :

int fsname##_fs_sync(struct puffs_usermount *, int);

I understand the logic, we don't check for cred while syncing. But the 
libpuffs in dragonfly is not yet consistent with itself, there is still 
unmodified prototype.  I can either correct the dragonfly code to make 
it consistent, either switch back to the NetBSD API, with transparent 
ignore of the parameter, for instance. Keeping the same API as NetBSD 
whould permit to trivially port libraries like libperfuse or others (do 
they actually exist ? I don't know) filesystem using puffs.


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