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PORT Request: PC Emulators for WindowsXP

From: David Ross <drossNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 23:24:29 -0500

Hello everybody,

By request and curiosity, I'm curious if anyone has made one of the pc emulators working. qemu does not cut it, and it is corrupting the image file for some reason under WindowsXP. I really need this to work. I like dragonflybsd, but if this doesn't work I'll have to install freebsd just to get my work done :( I don't wish to have freebsd on my home computer, then I wont be BSD complete with all the free BSDs. Any information on getting qemu to work and not be slow, or even information on gettting vmware to work with dragonfly would be helpful. The vmware2 override port doesnt work, and is old. Please give some information on what to do in my troublesome problem. I'd patch it myself, but I dn't have the time because I need Windows to write Windows applications for money :(

David Ross

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