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Audigy 2 noisy output

From: Benedikt Steinbusch <hama@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 17:41:03 +0100 (CET)

Hello everyone,

I've recently installed DFBSD on my PC and up to now everything went fine.
The one thing I do not like is that my soundcard, which I already know
to make problems (OpenBSD driver was even worse), gives noisy output. As
you can guess from the subject I have got a SoundBlaster Audigy 2. My problem ist that, while the subwoofer seems to work just fine, the satelite speakers of my 5.1 system make a strange noise, especially when listening to music with a lot of bass. It sounds as if the satelites where trying to output the bass, too. The only document I found that
describes my problem was http://www.opensound.com/readme/README.SBLive.html
there it says:

--- snip ---

- In OSS 3.9.8e and later there is a new configuration option to
enable/disable the "digital DIN" output. By default the digital DIN interface is enabled which disables the center/LFE analog output (uses the same combo jack). By setting the sblive_digital_din option to 0 you can enable the analog center/LFE output feature. This option can be changed by using the "Configuration options" function of the soundconf program. When digital DIN is disabled you can still get S/PDIF (or AC3) output from the digital (optical/coax) outputs of the optional livedrive unit.

Common problems

- Noisy analog center/LFE output. The orange combo jack at the rear plate
of the Live/Audigy card is shared between the digital DIN and the analog
center/LFE outputs. In digital DIN mode (default) you will hear very noisy
output from the speakers connected to this output jack. If you have analog
center/LFE (subwoofer) speakers connected then you need to turn off the
sblive_digital_din option (see above).

--- /snip ---

Since there is no soundconf program in DFBSD this does not help. I already
searched the sourcecode of the driver for anything related to 'digital'
and furiously commented it out, but it did not help (in fact i could not spot any change in the cards behaviour at all).

Has anyone experienced something familiar? Did you solve the problem.
Does one of the developers have time to look at my problem? I can live with noisy sound, but not very long.

Thanks in advance for your help

Benedikt Steinbusch

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