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Re: GoBSD.com

From: Weapon of Mass Deduction <blacklist@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 13:52:26 +0100

Jonas Sundström wrote:
Weapon of Mass Deduction <blacklist@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So I agree with you, actually. :P

Yes, I'm sorry, my style of writing is a little fuzzy.

I'm sometimes unclear, as I'm focusing on the issue rather than on the arguments I'm replying to.

BTW, I must confess I'm not sure I understand everything
you write, but perhaps it goes both ways. ´:)

Ah well, it's clear enough. :)

I'm writing of frontends that stand on their own, just like any other
port/programme. So this also doesn't exclude improvements on the 'back-end'. But you were the one that mentioned it first, remember. :P

Yeah, I was more thinking of complete redesigns, which are more likely to affect the interface exposed by a back end.

Hmm, I certainly don't disagree with your approach then. But the tools, especially the standard UNIX ones, must be accessible via the commandline (non-interactively). At least in the opinion of the more advanced users. So just like the commercial distribution-discussion,
we should mind to not "rush like an elephant trough the china-cabinet",
as we say it in Dutch. :D

Windows only has this option for (the highly-technical) unattended installs. But I remind FreeBSD (5) also has an option "Automatically
partition the [selected] disk.". So, though I never executed the installer of DragonFly-BSD, I expect it is avaible in that too.

Yes, it's got similar functionality. The partitioning suggested
by the installer is pretty good. I don't know how it works, but the
values seemed pretty sensible to me.

But though the installer might not look very modern,
it is not more difficult to understand, right?

Not really, but a little glitz ain't wrong. First impressions and everything... ;)

Hehe, well with the two organisations I wrote about, we can all shove it on GoBSD, isn't it? >:) ;)

Except maybe the keyboard-navigation.
But that can be handled by the ncurses-developers (isn't that the tool used to visualise the installation?).

Yes, it's either ncurses or http://, which are both fine with me, though I think the current vertical list + "buttons" is a seriously bad UI and needs to go. Not because it's ncurses based, but because it's a bad UI. It's not clear what item has "focus" and what will happen when you press return.

Apart from that, I think the features of the installer are just right.

That's all true. :)

Anyhow, I hope not all of this is bikeshed material. :]


LOL, bikeshed material, that's some Swedish saying right? :D
I can't translate it, and it happens to be non-dutch also. :P

Heh.. nah.. sometimes a little Swedish something slips through
I guess, but I try not to use expressions that are unintelligible to
the larger audience.

It's a FreeBSD term that I myself learned quite recently:

Hehe, FreeBSD-expressions aren't really intelligible for a larger audience. :P
But it's a funny one, I'll remember it. :D

BTW, Weapon.. err.. (mr Blacklist?).. your email bounces.
It's hard to send email to you privately that way.

LOL, it was not a smart idea to send e-mail to that adress... I use it to let spammers uncover themselves to my ISP. The blacklist is, as it says, a blacklist. But if you e-mail bounced all should be fine I guess.

My nickname is just for anonymity, there are eyes everywhere. ;)

If you want to, you can send e-mail to tfa.x @ inter.nl.net.

/Jonas Sundström. www.kirilla.com

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