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Re: GoBSD.com

From: "Jonas Sundström" <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 17:11:14 +0100 CET

"Martin P. Hellwig" <mhellwig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I never understood, and I will probably never will understand why my 
> server in my server room 40 clicks away needs a GUI.

Webserving, instant messaging, voice-over-ip, or multi-track recording, 
while they have different expectations on the OS, they're not -that- 
different. A well built OS should be equally capable as either server 
or workstation. The lines are blurred.

A server will always benefit from a fine-grained management tool such 
as the command-line, but if you're afforded a GUI (by hardware), why 
not use it too, or just leave it in? It's a good complement. It's not 
like a GUI is eating up a large amount precious CPU cycles, unless you 
have really old (or bad Intel) hardware.

The OS should accept a video-card less environment. (which the BSDs and 
Linux, do) I would would also prefer the OS to use the available video 
resources to the fullest if they're available, if my desktop 
environment (or management panel, kiosk, etc) can benefit from it (ie, 
usability, not necessarily eye-candy).

> Of course it's nice to have a GUI on my laptop, but IMHO a server 
> doesn't need to be a laptop/desktop and visa versa.
> Although it is possible and functional to use DF or any other BSD as 
> a 
> desktop system I always realize that it does not _yet_ excel in that 
> position, where other systems like MacOsX and XP already do.

At least we're on equal terms with Linux, which, while not perfect, 
appears to be doing ok.

MacOS X.. <cough> BSD </cough> .. well, sort of anyway.

> The main reason for me to use it as a desktop system has all to do 
> with 
> practice and testing (and fun of course) before I implement it at my 
> test server (and if thats ok'ed on to the production machines).

I want a stable, secure desktop that can interface well with my 

I want a good, single API to code for.

That's what I expect from BSD.

> But I must say that the lack of viruses and spyware has a certain 
> appeal, still I wouldn't dare to convert my old (of age) win users to 
> anything else, even if it would be simpler and better for them. Any 
> change would be to much change for them.
> To put it down, I would like to see a GoBSD add-on package ,complete 
> with all the blim-blim which is necessary to not scare away possible 
> converts even before the install is done.

GUIs are not about eye-candy.. (bling bling?)

(most screenshots are, but that's another issue.)

/Jonas Sundström.               www.kirilla.com

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