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Re: user interfaces

From: "Jonas Sundström" <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 22:59:22 +0100 CET

"Martin P. Hellwig" <mhellwig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The idea is not mine, this is something often done
> in novell and dos by administrators, writing scripts 
> for the users to prevent them being lost in the shell

Yes, good old batch files. But still, one could build 
a framework for modules of some sort.

Perhaps even a newbie shell with a nano-like command-bar, with the most 
common commands and easily accessible documentation, perhaps man pages 
wrapped in such a nano-like viewer. I always trip up on suspended 
processes, having to kill them, so it might be something for me..  :}

> The future of the desktop? I don't know, but one 
> thing I do know that the shell is something I feel
> comfortable in (I started as a desktop-drooler).
When I was learning BASIC, back in 6th grade, (could it in the 1980's?? 
wow, time flies) on one occasion I turned down playing with a classmate 
since he was into games.. Computers were meant for programming! :} ah, 
the crazy things we do. So perhaps in a sense I have travelled in the 
other direction. (Though "desktop-drooling" may be overstating my 
preference.. :))

> Perhaps I would like to have a clean desktop whats more built like 
> the 
> "unix" idea ,small programs that a very good in one thing but can 
> work 
> together easily to "create" a bigger more complicated function, with 
> the 
> interaction between programs in a UML diagram like way.
> I describe it poorly because I still haven't figured out why this 
> would 
> be any better then the already present choices for a gui.
> But let me think a couple of years about it maybe something useful 
> will 
> come out of it :-)

All the good ideas we carry around in the back of our heads. ´:)

/Jonas Sundström.                     www.kirilla.com

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