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Re: weird mouse (PS/2) output

From: Sergio Lenzi <enigma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 12:58:38 -0200

> > Sergio
> Could you please be abit more specific? I do not quite understand
> what you mean.

The ps/2 and the keyboard uses the same interrupt, (12, i think...)
so there must be a problem with the interrupt source from the ps/2
mouse and the logic bsd uses to gether information about the mouse
position...  the mainboard sends incorrect information to the
keyboard logic while the kernel is on heavy load, for example...

As a result, the mouse pointer, goes erratic, and on using X,
the mouse move produces erratic input on the X client application..

I switch the ps/2 mouse to polling mode. bu editing the config
file from the kernel, or by removing the intr 12 from the hints of
the device.hints file   (remember that these instructions are relative
from FreeBSD 5.x series...)

In your case, for example, I would change the 
device	psm 	at intr 12


device	psm

I do not know enough dragonfly to tell you how to put de
ps/2 mouse in polling mode, but this is the direction I used
to cope with the ps/2 mouse problem...

Now I use usb mouse because it is better...


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