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Re: DragonFly logo in high resolution?

From: Paul Grunwald <pgrunwald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 30 Dec 2004 01:38:09 GMT

Oliver Fromme <olli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:419e36fa$0$743

> Hi,
> Is the DragonFly logo available in higher resolution
> anywhere?  I can only find the 134 x 82 pixels one
> on the web site.
> Oh, and another question:  Who owns the copyright on
> that logo?  I mean, whom do I have to ask for per-
> mission if I wanted to reproduce the logo somewhere
> (on a web site, DVD cover or whatever)?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards
>    Oliver

Is anyone interested in stuff like this: http://home.comcast.net/
~pgrunwald/debiangoodies.html done for DragonFlyBSD?

I've moved over to the beastie side!

I looked at Devon's page and I'm still not sure who owns this.  It is not 
my intention to make a loot hear, rather just promote and make money for 
the cause.  (I'm still in the hole for the debian stuff but that's 


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