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RE: Install - boot question

From: "Adrian Nida" <nida@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 21:24:50 -0500


I installed DF on my WinXP box at work.  I didn't do anything fancy and have
a similar setup (Hidden Dell, WinXP, DragonFly).  I installed the DF boot
loader and boot blocks.  When it first boots, I get the following menu:


F1 takes me to the Dell stuff. F2 is really XP, and well, I think you can
figure out where F3 takes me.

Good luck,


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> Subject: Install - boot question
> I decided to install Dragonfly on my laptop instead of messing with my
> server.
> I have three partitions on the laptop,  a hidden IBM recovery partition,
> WinXP partition and the Dragonfly partition.
> I went through the setup from the dfly-20041222-stable.iso.  I did not
> allow it to write any boot blocks at the last step as it was not clear if
> I
> would still be able to boot WinXP.
> I don't mind reinstalling DFly again - what is the best method to dual-
> boot
> DFly and WinXP?
> Thanks,
> P.

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