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pkgsrc notes

From: "Joshua Coombs" <jcoombs@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 16:48:38 -0500

Banging on a fresh install of DF, and coming from FreeBSD 4.x am finding it 
nice and familiar.  Its nice sitting down to a new os and knowing everything 
is precisely where you expect it.

Given the wide range of package system options, I opted for pkgsrc from 
NetBSD to start fleshing this box out.  I rejected ports/df-ports as the 
idea of a setup that could confuse portupgrade scares me...

So, pkgsrc installed cleanly, as did pkg_chk.  Turns out pkg_chk hardcodes 
the location of the pkgdb, causing all sorts of fun if you use a custom 
location.  Easy edit and fix, I've filed a PR to get a more appropriate fix 
implimented officially.

Next up, apache.  After the build failing a couple times, I found the post 
in here on tweaking Configure and GuessOS, got that installed and working. 
Hopefully there is already a bug/PR filed with them to get that straightened 

Now comes the fun one, smokeping.  It appears to install, but attempts to 
run break when it tries to include RRD.so.  It throws 'Undefined symbol 
"gdFontTiny"' and refuses to budge.  Dunno how to proceed on that one. 
RRDTool, gd, and libpng all appear to build and install clean, but one of 
the three is not playing by the rules.

Anyone tried getting smokeping to run cleanly under DFly and care to share 

Joshua Coombs 

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