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Re: UFS2 support?

From: Christopher Weimann <cweimann@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 12:21:50 -0500

On 02/01/2005-07:14PM, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :With ufs2 and snapshots I expect to be able to just dd the snapshot in
> :no time flat but I haven't tried it yet.
>     I don't see the point.  All UFS2 does is allow the filesystem to be 
>     larger.  

I couldn't care less about getting a larger file system.  My problems have
nothing to do with number of bytes but number of files.

>     Snapshots?  I don't trust FreeBSD's snapshot code (no cloud of
>     Kirk's work, but I consider it to be too complex and too UFS-centric to
>     have a real future).  Snapshots don't solve anything when you have a 2TB
>     filesystem.

I don't have a 2TB file system.  I have a 172GB file system that has about
11 million files on it.  They are broken down into directories to avoid
have thousands of files in any one directory.  The number of bytes isn't
the problem in the backup it is the number of files.  

With a snapshot and dd I can avoid the issue of dump having to deal with
all those files.  I don't think there is any file system out there that
can deal with the huge number of files efficiently.  I think even NetApp 
filers have backup issues with millions of files.

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