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Conclusion - Re: Backporting DFly patches to FreeBSD?

From: Hiten Pandya <hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 17:26:57 +0000

Okay, it is finally time for me to step-in and do my job - this thread is not getting anywhere and must end with this closing note. :)

If FreeBSD does not take our changes or what we consider as "important" changes, than it is their loss and vice versa it applies if we dont take improvements made in their tree and put them in ours.

Secondly, it seems that the bullets are being shot in the wrong direction. While Matt is more worried on technical and management issues regarding FreeBSD, Devon is worried about hostility and diplomacy; in other words both are talking at a brick wall.

It is important to be diplomatic with other projects or individuals from that project. If David is hostile towards FreeBSD, he can gladly do it at GoBSD site because that is *his* site; it DOES NOT represent the DragonFly project as whole.

The problem is not whether FreeBSD developers have time or not, that has never been questioned because we all have our problems and time issues. The issue is, when shit really hits the fan and complaints are flying around, Matt provides a solution to their issue, with a lot of theoretical and practical help (I know this from experience working with him for long time now and I am sure others would agree with me on this one).

If FreeBSD does not adopt an XYZ feature from DragonFly for whatever reasons, which might cure their issues, than that is simply their problem and not ours -- this applies vice versa as mentioned above.

Personal attacks or generalized speculative statements such as "DragonFly is much better than FreeBSD" (and vice versa) are wrong. The person who does so, IS NOT representing the views of the DragonFly project as whole.

Since we can't really control what people do and say, ALL I CAN REQUEST is that people take a diplomatic approach whenever possible in public forums and cross interaction with fellow developers, be it from DragonFly or FreeBSD project.

To conclude this thread, I would like to say that please think before you take actions that might harm the project's or your own reputation.

I for one have made such mistakes in the past and have regreted on a personal level because it DIDN'T help me AT ALL.

NOTE - do not let technical differences boil down to personal grudge because that will not help anyone.

The DragonFly and FreeBSD project have a lot to improve and learn upon then just "good code."

Those are my two cents.

		Hiten Pandya
		hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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