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Re: sendmail as a secondary MX

From: justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 16:07:21 -0000 (GMT)

> On tx.bgp4.net I am using the stock .mc file, with the addition of some
> DNSBLs.  I have bgp4.net defined in /etc/mail/relay-domains.  I do not
> have a /etc/mail/local-host-names.
> On FreeBSD 4.11, a mail sent to ciscogeek@xxxxxxxx sent through
> tx.bgp4.net relayed over to nj.bgp4.net, just like I wanted.  With DF
> 1.1, tx.bgp4.net accepts the mail locally, and never relays it over to
> nj.bgp4.net.

in tx's tx.bgp4.net.mc:
define(`SMART_HOST', `nj.bgp4.net')

I'll have to go digging to find my notes on the issue, but I did a similar
thing with a FreeBSD secondary/Windows primary setup at my old workplace,
and had similar symptoms.  I was dealing with multiple domains, though,
and you are working within a single domain, which may be the difference

For laughs, you could try putting the new version of sendmail on DragonFly
and see if it works "right".  That may be more pain than you feel like
enduring right now, though.

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