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Re: Differences between AMD and Intel CPUs [was: Re: Dragonfly andHyperthreading....]

From: "Martin P. Hellwig" <mhellwig@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 21:14:05 +0100

You never seem to read anything
thats said, and always have some disjointed opinion.

Hmmm perhaps you're right and that the overall conclusion with me vs the rest is equal to what you said, still it looks to me more like a personal attack, but I could be wrong of course.

Since I doubt you know what the performance of what you
plan to buy is, i doubt you have a point to make.

The machine will run 2003 with virtual server and the current plan is to host 6 virtual machine, I well do know what performance I need to get my job done, perhaps it can with less but I like to have some reserves.

set the challenge: find me an AMD solution that is as
fast as a single 3.2Ghz P4 for $360. I don't have an

Agree, so the challenge is to get some ubench'es of opteron 144/ athlon 3200 (they are now about 229 EUR same of the 3.2 intel) and compare that with ubench'es of your 3.2 GHz machine.

Perhaps some people having this h/w would like to install ubench? It only takes about 6 minutes to test.

operating system that can (yet) utilize what you propose,
so its a complete waste of money.

Well I do have, solaris and 2003.


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