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Re: XML based startup scripts

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 16:15:12 +0800

Marcin Jessa wrote:
Thanks James.

I can see most of the people in the thread disagree with the idea.
I am just curious about MacOS X, how come it can do this so gracefully ?
I do not have a Mac myself but I hear everyone who has one loves it.
It can't be all that bad if it works so well for others... ?

Speaking as a long time OS X user (ex OS/2, not Win).

The Mac is an 'appliance'.  As with most new cars, it
works fine unless something breaks.  Like Win XP or
a Chevvy, you don't really want to know what goes on
'under the hood'.

But it is *seriously* flawed.
Worse in may ways that the Windows 'Registry', and at least as complex.

Nothing any server-centric OS should ever emulate in any way.

And the lowest 'default' security of any UNIX-related platform to
ever hit the street, as well.  'Catch-me-fool-with-me' mode from
IP to WiFi to Bluetooth.  Wide-open.

Only *seems* more secure 'coz x86 critters can't execute on PowerPC CPU.

Needs a full day of work to convert legacy hfs+ to UFS, strip out the 'Blinder'
in favor of 'Butler', and clean up security and perms.
At that, the Apple UFS is outdated, but way faster than hfs+ and the
verstunkener finder DB's all over the place.


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