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Re: Differences between AMD and Intel CPUs [was: Re: Dragonfly andHyperthreading....]

From: "Thomas Edward Spanjaard" <t.e.spanjaard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 01:36:53 +0100

<EM1897@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:67417786.1991B1F8.000424FF@xxxxxxxxxx
I said $360. for both, if you care to actually read things.

You challenged for 360$, but only told the P8SCi cost 280$ or thereabouts. Use a proper client. I can't buy a P4 3.2GHz for 80$.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Of course I've tested the
same adapters, have you? putting a PCI-X card in a
32-bit slot is very easy to do. So stop trying to
pretend that you can read a spec and know everything
there is to know, because you are simply dead wrong
about everything.

Me being dead wrong about everything would mean I'd not be alive, so don't claim things you don't know about. Use a proper client. I suggest you read the PCI-X spec again, this time without skimming, as you've missed the important bits.

The fact that you can get "good results" with a PCI
but is not relevant; because the point is that you
need 3x the horsepower to get the same results as
with a PCI-X bus.

At some point you did question the ability of a PCI bus to reach speeds nearing the theoretical maximum, I just responded.

I'm arguing with a student! Yikes!

I'm arguing with a troll on AOL! What am I thinking! Use a proper client! ;)

-- Thomas E. Spanjaard

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