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Re: Nomenclature Change Request

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 22:09:08 +0800

justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
'After the holidays'....

Request DragonFlyBSD project consider exchanging
at least 'external' use of the term 'SMP' for one more
appropriate and, one trusts - *advantageous* in future.

Such as:

'HMP' (Hybrid Multi Processing)

I vote for 'HMP' so that we can always be confused over whether we're
talking about the DragonFly processor model or Hiten M. Pandya.  :)

Dunno ... bad enough the surname *I* carry .

I have run across a couple of photos illustrating
Odonata's ability to do its own form of 'HMP'ing ....
aviate and copulate at the same time...

Hybrid, of course! ....exchanging DNA 'messages'.

But don't think that Odonata are exclusively
'straight'.  Other photo's of mating pairs on
leaves indicate incredibly flexibility... ;-)

And .. did you know .. A dragonfly neither bites nor
stings, but aerobatically snatches prey in mid-air
with extensible articulated lower jaws that would
give a rough-terrain forklift feelings of inadequacy.

They are sure death on breeding mosquito populations,
other insects in general, tadpoles, and even fish hatchlings.

Only apparent downside is that they can be a vector in
parasitic flatworm transmission. Not as bad as
WinWoes, though.


PS: Some neat links;


And helo-HMP'ing:


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