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Re: Version numbering for release DECISION!

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 00:36:11 +0800

Matthew Dillon wrote:

:> -CURRENT Will indicate a build based on the head of the CVS tree.
:> :> -WORKING Will indicate a build baesd on our current stable tag
:> :> I am going to rename the tag from DragonFly_Stable to
:> DragonFly_Working to avoid confusion, but not today. This
:> tag has turned out to be quite important because it allows
:> developers to stay reasonably up to date but take less
:> risk then the people running CURRENT.
:> :> -RELEASE Will indicate a build based on a release branch.
:> :> -STABLE Will indicate a build based on a post-release branch.

    We can change WORKING to something else, if someone can think up of a
    better name, but the other names are set in stone.

Looks to me as if:

CURRENT is 'alpha',

WORKING is beta,

RELEASE is 'gold' or production-ready

STABLE is 'gold + security patches & bug fixes'.

    What I am calling WORKING right now is unique to DragonFly... FreeBSD
    doesn't have a slip tag in their HEAD branch to track good working points
    during development.

Given that it is not quite the same as a 'Release Candidate' - but from 'userland' that may be closest. IOW - not ready for production use, but not as 'bleeding edge' as CURRENT, either.

The other tags are fairly similar to their FreeBSD counterparts once you compensate for the fact that they are doing a two-track development model verses our one-track development model.

Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>



'PREVIEW' has worked elesewhere - keeps folks aware it
may build OK, but is not yet recommended for 'production',
and doesn't signify it is, or will necessarily ever be, an 'RC'.


. ....'PASTEURIZED', 'PRE_COOKED' or 'HALF-BAKED' even ;-)

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