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Re: More art

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 12:33:04 +0800

Zera William Holladay wrote:

Sorry, I know you've all seen a lot of DF art but here's another one:




In the interest of anatomical accuracy.....
a 'proper' Dragonfly..

- has two sets of wings, up to nearly a meter in span at one time in the fossil record.

- has *much* larger phased-array compound eyes (12,000+receptors each), as it is a 'sight hunter'

- has no 'stinger'. The gadgetry at the aft-end is, among other things, for clinging to its mate, and/or dipping sperm out of a pocket on its main body and conveying it to a similar location on said mate, (who does what, with which, and to whom, up to the proclivities of the players......as ever was..), and an excercise, BTW, that they can accomplish while in flight. Eat 'yer heart out, KC-135 refueling crews ;-)

- has a folded-under, split, extensible lower jaw with gripping prongs that resembles a cross betwwen an Ingersoll-Rand 1BU continuous mining machine and a 6000-Anthony rough-terrain forklift. With this it catches its prey (in midair), draws the meal back to the rest of the mouth, and eats it from the top downward.

A serious 'Mean Mary Jean' - death on other insects. One thing a Dragonfly *cannot* do is 'kick ass'. Legs are too weak - suited to landing or clinging to plant stalks only.


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