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Re: IBM Netfinity 3000 & LiveCD problems

From: David Solanes <dsolanes@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 10:28:34 +0200

> > I just atonished .... I dwonloaded this version:
> >
> > dfly-20041222-stable..> 22-Dec-2004 20:04  86.3M
> >
> > and ... it works  :?
> Hm. I can't find any change which could result in a change. Have you
> tried a snapshot of HEAD?

oh.. i'm so sorry , what do you mean with  -> snapshot of HEAD ?
> > I have a suggestion, when I extract the LiveCD the system was errors
> > from the hardware (obiously), can it lock the cd until the
> > instalations ends?
> It's a strange problem that this doesn't happen, noone has bothered
> to trace it down or had the time to do so.
> > In the handbook shows how we can to get thge ports and says about de
> > /usr/dfports
> >
> > can we get both ports (dfports & ports) ? is dfports avaiable ?
> You have to get both. dfports are "fixes" for ports to get them
> compile on DragonFly.

well and what it could be the cvsp servers to put to make:

# cvsup -g -L 2 /usr/share/examples/cvsup/DragonFly-dfports-supfile

or it has the server in ( previously edited i mean)?

Sorry in this moment I don't have the DragonFlyBSD near me.

Thanks a lot Joerg by your answers.

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