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Re: symlink app lib to common libs

From: Walter <walter@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 09:00:43 -0500

Jonas Sundström wrote:
Walter <walter@xxxxxxx> wrote:
(Non-guru type here again)  Would it make sense to have a
"lib" directory in each app's folder, as was suggested,
and then symlink to the actual library?

You loose the only real benefit of the app/lib approach,
which is to have the required [non-base] libs it needs, safe and sound with the application.

It's not a silver bullet.

Then THOSE libraries could be placed directly in the lib sub-dir, rather than a symlink, could they not? In fact, don't even bother with symlinks for the common libraries, but just add (something like) "./lib' in front of the global library path(???), to keep the non-base libs out of /usr/local/lib. (Can this be done?)

Well, as I've mentioned, the knowledge of all the issues
involved here is almost certainly beyond my ability to
help.  But it sounds like it's a clash of simple versus
manageable and that 'simple' probably has to give in the
long run. (I'd love to help in the effort, but I think
it's too far beyond me.)

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