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Re: ramfs, ports, and cvsupd

From: Andreas Hauser <andy-dragonfly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 18 May 2005 08:20:43 -0000

george wrote @ Mon, 16 May 2005 14:14:19 -0400:

> * how do I make the ram filesystem? mount_null(8) seems the doc, but I'm
> not sure, I have 1GB ram and 2GB swap.


mount_null is not working in ram but much more working like a super ln(1).
A mount that is backed by another filesystem tree. Sadly it's brocken in
1.2 and later.

> * How do I specify a directory separate from the sources for the builds
> (world, ports, et al), to keep the source tree pristine for cvsupd?


> * Where are the cvsupd config examples (ports/dfly src,doc,site...)?


> * Is there a defined pattern I can exclude from the sources, to
> get started with ports (eg rsync a local copy)?

Not sure what you mean.


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